Click on the following links to listen to a full-play version of some of the songs off of "Ragged But Right"*.

     Rock the Cradle, Joe
(with Joe on lap dulcimer!)
     Edsel Breakdown (if you are ready for banjo overload)
     Riley Ridge (written by Joe)
     Cold Frosty Morn
(features hammered dulcimer...finally!)
     Train 45 (another banjo overload!)
     Ragged But Right (Joe being rowdy...)
     Lost in Place
(bluesy -- all ad-libbed right in the studio)
     Fannie Poer (our interpretation...apologies to Turlough O!)

Joe - Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Mountain Dulcimer, Bass, Vocals
Chris - Hammered Dulcimer, Bass, Vocals

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